As an Accountable Care Organization, OSF HealthCare is bringing together its hospitals, clinics and other health care services to provide coordinated, high quality care to our patients. This means all levels of providers, including physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses, behavioral therapists and more, collaborate as a team to care not only for the physical health of a patient, but emotional and social needs as well. The goal is to prevent serious illnesses from occurring and improve the overall health of our population, while reducing costs in health care.  

Performance Improvement (PI) is leading collaborative efforts bringing together individuals from various OSF departments including IT, Healthcare Analytics, specialty groups and hospital and clinic leaders to work on ways to help providers across the organization manage patients aligned to ACO.   

This work has led to a number of changes that will help OSF carry on its Mission of serving patients with the greatest care and love. They include reaching out to patients to schedule yearly wellness visits, meeting with patients on their own terms to properly assess their ailments, educating patients and providers on the use of data and analytics and coming up with processes to alert clinicians of new ACO patients and care gaps that have not been addressed.   

The collaborative helps OSF paint a complete picture of the health of our population, allowing us to be proactive and keep our communities healthy.