Ensuring access to care for everyone who needs it is a major challenge across the nation. That’s why OSF developed an innovative way to address this problem in a cost-efficient manner that maintains quality.

OSF Care Transformation is being rolled out across the Ministry to transform the patient experience, while increasing value, expanding access and creating a better workplace environment.

At the heart of the new model is the concept of team-based care. Care Transformation allows Advanced Practice Providers, Registered Nurses and Medical Office Assistants to deliver patient care to the full extent of their training, allowing physicians to focus on the most complex problems patients face. It also expands the team to include Behavioral Health, Pharmacists, Health Coaches and our Complex Care Managers for more comprehensive care.

OSF is making a dramatic change in delivering care to better serve our communities.

Meet a Few Members of the OSF Innovation Team

Becky Buchen
Becky Buchen SVP, OSF Innovation Operations

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