Healthcare Analytics 

The Healthcare Analytics team at OSF specializes in utilizing advanced analytics techniques to serve high-performing care delivery teams and their patients. Team members work closely with business and clinical leaders to understand problems, define focus questions, prepare relevant and accurate data and develop effective models to answer focus questions. We implement solutions to support appropriate interventions to improve business processes and quality outcomes.

Advanced Imaging and Modeling

OSF HealthCare is leveraging 3D modeling technology to improve the way clinicians view anatomy. This work began in 2013, when pediatric cardiologist Dr. Matthew Bramlet, OSF Children's Hospital of Illinois, partnered with Jump Sim engineers to 3D print the heart of a 9-month old girl for pre-surgical planning. This work changed the course of the girl’s surgery, leading to a new standard of care for the most complex surgical cases at OSF. We now have a team of engineers producing exact anatomical digital images that can be printed or integrated into virtual environments.

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Simulation Training

OSF utilizes simulation training through Jump Simulation & Education Center to provide an engaging learning environment and familiarize learners with medical procedures in a simulated setting prior to working with actual patients. This allows learners to acquire a reliable skill set and the opportunity to master their skills through consistent practice. The goal of this work is to ultimately improve patient outcomes and reduce health care spending. 

The work taking place in each of these spaces is driving new possibilities to eventually test and adopt with our health care system.

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Meet a Few Members of the OSF Innovation Team

Mark Hohulin
Mark Hohulin SVP, Healthcare Analytics
John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP
John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP VP, Chief Medical Officer for Innovation & Digital Health
Matthew Bramlet, MD
Matthew Bramlet, MD Director, Advanced Imaging and Modeling

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