Innovation is not successful unless it can carried out and improve health care across our integrated care system—and beyond. Partnerships and our own ideas that have resulted in successful pilots and clinical trials will work with OSF Performance Improvement for Ministry-wide implementations.


OSF HealthCare will soon provide a new free personalized resource, called Circle by OSF, that supports women through pregnancy and motherhood. The smartphone app provides weekly updates on a baby’s development during pregnancy and for the first year; credible answers to frequently asked questions about pregnancy and parenthood; and to-do lists with detailed next steps from a provider team. It links the mom to OSF services such as classes and support groups. It even uses tracking tools for weight gain, kick counter and feeding, so moms can easily record and share that information with providers.

The idea is to make it easier for patients to better prepare for child birth and parenthood, get linked to OSF HealthCare resources, and improve the overall patient experience. The long-term goal is to integrate the app into the OSF electronic health record, so patients can see all of their upcoming appointments in one place and easily connect with providers using email, video chat and phone.


In late 2015, OSF HealthCare partnered with CancerIQ to pilot the company’s innovative, genetic screening tool that helps identify patients at high risk for breast cancer. The digital health care solution flags vulnerable patients in real-time based on a short personal and family history questionnaire. The application gives providers the information they need to quickly take action before a cancer diagnosis.

The 14-month pilot in Peoria resulted in more than 13,000 breast cancer screenings. Nearly 4,000 were identified for further assessment which could include genetic counseling, screening or testing beyond a typical mammogram or sonogram. Patients flagged as at-risk work with clinicians to reduce their chance of getting cancer. We will expand the offering of CancerIQ in the near future.