We understand the value of fresh perspectives, and seek to work with innovators outside our walls. OSF partners with start-ups, corporations, universities and other hospitals to maximize their solutions using its existing assets.

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Meet a Few Members of the OSF Innovation Team

Becky Buchen
Becky Buchen SVP, OSF Innovation Operations
Michelle Conger
Michelle Conger Chief Strategy Officer
Mark Hohulin
Mark Hohulin SVP, Healthcare Analytics
Kip McCoy
Kip McCoy Vice President, Innovation Integration & Partnerships
Mayank Taneja, MBBS, MBA
Mayank Taneja, MBBS, MBA VP, Venture Investments
John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP
John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP VP, Chief Medical Officer for Innovation & Digital Health

OSF Innovation Partners


OSF HealthCare is a founding partner of the Chicago-based incubator, MATTER. MATTER is a not-for-profit community of health care entrepreneurs and industry leaders working together in a shared space to individually and collectively fuel the future of health care innovation. MATTER works to develop innovative products and services to transform health care.

Health care industry experts from OSF mentor entrepreneurs at MATTER to aid in the development of new products and services. One of our goals is to implement the most appropriate innovations throughout the OSF HealthCare Ministry.


OSF Innovation works with AVIA to find the latest technology solutions for health care provider needs. Based in Chicago, AVIA applies a rigorous vetting process to discover the best emerging health care technology products and services. OSF and other providers give input on the most necessary and viable solutions to aid the transformation of health care.

AVIA’s mission is to help health care providers build competitive advantage by effectively leveraging emerging technology-enabled innovations.

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