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Using our focus areas as inspiration, initiatives and ideas are gathered from internal and external sources. Internally, OSF encourages Mission Partners across the organization to develop breakthrough solutions that don’t yet exist.

OSF also partners with incubators, accelerators, corporations and universities outside of the Ministry to discover technology, products and services we can further develop to meet our needs, test, pilot and/or implement throughout the health care system.

External ideas are partnered with OSF subject matter experts who will mentor and champion the solution, providing clinical feedback throughout the innovation process. Promising internal ideas will find themselves in the hands of a team and plugged into our Innovation Process.

OSF Innovation is the Best Place to Shape and Scale Innovations

Start-ups have the ability to radically transform health care, especially if they work with a major hospital. But lack of access to a real health care environment for pilots is often a major barrier to start-up companies today. OSF leverages the best of its capabilities to help start-ups test and progress their solutions in a health care environment. OSF provides urban and rural environments as well as access to integrated service lines for proof of concept in a health system. In addition, we mentor and provide feedback for future solutions.

OSF Innovation is a Pragmatic Place to Apply Research and IP

Our university partnerships provide learning environments for talented students with a passion for research and innovation. Our collaborations with medical and engineering colleges are advancing innovation that has led to breakthrough advancements.

We provide a supportive, non-academic setting for students, faculty and other partners to work with our Mission Partners on real challenges in health care. Our university partnerships allow us to stay up to date on cutting-edge developments through research capabilities and knowledge base.

OSF Innovation is a Path to Bring New Offerings to Patients’ Care Delivery

Our corporate partners agree with the OSF Mission, innovation goals and declared focus areas. They have internal innovation practices in place and relationships with accelerators, hospitals and other corporate organizations.

We provide our corporate partners with access to our health care environment to test their solutions and we offer a continual source of new ideas from Mission Partners who are constantly interacting with those we serve.

Our corporate partners take risks with us and help us meet our long-term vision to push innovation forward so that our population's health is improved through new connections in care.

OSF Innovation is Adopting and Spreading Best Practices and New Solutions

Our hospital partners share a similar mission and understand the difficulties in implementing innovation programs. We partner with health systems that are driven to improve care in their communities with leadership committed to developing an innovation portfolio of ideas and processes. OSF Innovation provides that partnership needed to tackle the challenges around innovating in health care.

OSF Innovation Will Help Transform Ideas into Solutions that Impact Care Delivery

OSF Mission Partners are delivering care and interacting with patients every day. Their ideas stem from personal experience they have on and off the job. It doesn’t get more patient-centered than that! We are always interested in how our care delivery providers are merging their health care experiences with innovation in meaningful ways.

Our Mission Partners not only provide innovative ideas, but provide timely, expert feedback on potential innovations from our external partners. Our Mission Partners are passionate about changing health care and improving patients’ lives.

Meet a Few Members of the OSF Innovation Team

Becky Buchen
Becky Buchen SVP, OSF Innovation
Kip McCoy
Kip McCoy Vice President, Innovation Studio
John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP
John Vozenilek, MD, FACEP VP, Chief Medical Officer for Innovation & Digital Health

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